Resurrection I–II, 2020

Photograph series of 2 images

<p><br></p><p>Yael Bartana’s photographic work "Resurrection" brings together different aesthetic traditions and presents a mutational, multilayered image that alludes to the worlds of Art History and religious mysticism. Holding a living hare and

Herzl, 2015

Photograph series of 6 images

<p><br></p><p>Yael Bartana’s ‘Herzl' series is one of the results of a decade of dialogue with one of the most legendary figures in the history of Zionism. Author of imaginary utopias, journalist, politician and jurist, the figure of Theodor Herzl (1

Stalag, 2014/2015

Photograph series of 4 images

<p><br></p><p>In Yael Bartana’s 'Stalag' the artist emphasizes her function as creator by putting herself in front of the camera for the first time. Dressed in identifiable different costumes: an Israeli soldier, an SS officer and a combination of bo

The Missing Negatives of the Sonnenfeld Collection, 2008

Black and white photograph series of 22 images

<p>For the series of black and white photographs ‘The Missing Negatives of the Sonnenfeld Collection’, Bartana selected photographs from the extensive archive of legendary photo journalists Leni and Herbert Sonnenfeld, who documented Palestine / Eret